How to Clean a Ukulele

How to Clean a Ukulele Step-by-Step

Ukuleles can get dirty in various ways, including the natural dirt, grease, and sweat from our hands that impregnates the neck with use, so it is natural that we ask ourselves how to clean it. The best way to keep … Read More

How to Restring a Banjo

How to Restring a Banjo

Learn how to restring a banjo. Spend less time and money on replacing the strings. A must-have skill if you want to become a master player.

Fender FA 100 Review

What is a Dreadnought Guitar | All You Need to Know

Say you’re known to be the guitar pro among your circle and suddenly one of your friends goes – hey, what is a dreadnought guitar? I have been hearing this term but I don’t know what that is, and though … Read More

Health Benefits of Music

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Music

Hearing a specific song can make you feel happy or bring back a special memory and according to some studies, there are several benefits of music on health.